Saturday, July 11, 2009



7" (1996)


Munich, Germany

These homies are german homies, and they released a full length in 1997, Etwas Benutzen, which I always found awesomely minimalist, before modernizing their sound and thereby diluting their attractiveness substantially. I haven't met a lot of people who feel the same way, but what I usually do is give them the crazy eyes, drag my finger across my throat, and then mouth the words, "I am gonna slit your throat with my index finger" and then they usually change their minds and agree with me.

This 7" was the harbinger to that LP, and it is pretty rad. Checkity check check it:

Buyity buy buy it.

Gorge Trio

Gorge Trio

He bringeth me Low 7" (1995)

Forces in Motion Records

Here's these guys, just doin' it.



Quarry 7"

Reptillian Records

Bodymore, Murderland

Put your tounge on it!



Arab on Radar 'Split' (2000)

Wantage (USA)

This is another vinyl rip of mine.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Burning Star Core

The Very Heart of the World (2005)

Thin Wrist

You'll want to buy this HERE, after listening.

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Antlers Live: 1991

Blue Chopsticks

Chicago, IL

Dudes, you guys know that I love John McEntire and Tortoise and Bastro and a lot of the things he's done but just listen to this, from the liner notes:

I would argue that our interpretations of these songs and the performances contained herein exist in a disembodied, ahistorical world; a world whose origins and possible future destinations seem wonderfully disconnected from our own, verifiable musical history.

Uh, what?



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interstellar Space

John Coltrane

Interstellar Space


Why Not? Why not up this record? It is after all the greatest record of all time. I just upped the original four tracks, just to keep you from getting side-tracked.

These are mp3's from my CD copy, but if you ever get the chance pick up the Vinyl.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Radiant Mirror

Flower-Corsano Duo

The Radiant Mirror

Textile Records (2007)

I bought this a while back and things being as they are, it sat on my right speaker for a long fucking time. Why? None of your fucking business thats why.

But, water under the bridge, here it is tonight, blaring through that same right speaker, appropriately living up to it's description as psyche/drone/free-jazz. A beautiful change of pace for our favorite free drummer Chris Corsano. Michael Flower uses what he calls a 'Japan Banjo' described as a "giant unwieldy instrument fed through effects pedals and an amplifier played with fingers and bows" to deliver his sound. (Look here for the quote, and some MP3's.)
Safe travels, kids.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Magnetic Flux

ears & eyes

Chicago, IL

Caught these guys at the Empty Bottle a week or two back. Exactly right in our wheelhouse. They had that jazz/rock merger attack pinned, that ol' tightrope. I enjoy that the group is not afraid to delve deep into noisy rants and still create plenty of opportunities to declare themselves prim and proper 'musicians'. That's a respectable thing these days. I found the guitarist after the show and jawed his ear for what he seemed to think was way too long about his influences, objectives, contemporaries, things like that. And i just kept saying more words and he just kept staring at me all freaked-out looking. Some people don't like to talk all that much shop I suppose.

Definitely listen in, here.

And buy the shit, here.

new link for the CD!^