Monday, June 4, 2007


S/T (2000)
Box Factory Records

Out of print.

Not too much information is available on Lynx. I've been able to establish that the band had it's origins in Boston and subsequently moved to Chicago possibly aspiring to latch on to the tail end of the area's Math-rock "scene". They released one self-titled album, recorded by Bob Weston, and an EP (though I've never seen it) on the now defunct label Box Factory Records, which put out material by the likes of Emperor Penguin, Oxes, and The 90 Day Men.

Dave Konopka, Paul Joyce, Dale Connolly, Mike Hutchins.

Lynx has experienced a mild resurgence of attention lately with the recent successes of Dave Konopka's newest project, Battles, alongside ex-Don Cab member Ian Williams. I've not been able to dig up any post-Lynx material by the other three.

The album is entirely instrumental, but retains a narrative throughout. Similar to a Don Cab record like American Don in the sense that it offers a pleasant mix of mathy elements and melody. Yet unlike Don Cab, Lynx never loses focus of its themes, and never becomes so cluttered. It is a clean math album. It is deliberate. There are angular and dissonant moments, but they are rare and brief. It is a math record mostly on it's creative and versatile use of rhythms, driven by excellent drumming. From beginning to end it is an ideal illustration of the limitless capacity of the guitar/bass/drum genre, composed with a vengeful sense of discipline to achieve epic ends. One of my favorite records.

This track "Mrs. Lynx" is featured both on the EP and the full-length. This recording is taken from the EP, and is a fair representative of the band's tone and mood. In the opening minutes, the instruments will flex their muscle, showing you what they are capable of. From there, the track begins its slow evolution into an anthemic climax.

Mrs. Lynx

Other Mp3's are available here. The CD is normally available at Amazon or Ebay. Sometimes as much as $50.00 sometimes as little as $2.50. Or if you email me I'll send you a link

Edit: A Myspace page.


Anonymous said...

Lynx website

Songs, info/history, related-band links, and more.

Louis Howe said...

Wow. Thanks. Alot of information in that link, alot of things I didn't know. I should be ashamed of how happy I am right now.

Tybracus said...

What is your email?

alex c said...

hey, i've been trying to find the track list for this record forever (got it from friend of friend of...) and can only find the 3 song ep listing anywhere.

Danger say what? Evs said...

1. Look At That Table And Make It Spin In Your Head
2. Mrs. Lynx
3. Explosive Diarrhea
4. Explosive Diarrhea
5. In Snow
6. In Sand
7. Aries
8. Prynx
9. United States
10. Raisins

Yes, there are two tracks titled Explosive Diarrhea- it seems. It's actually the same song- really- when you listen to it, it's just cut in to two tracks. Why? Who knows? You want to name your song Explosive Diarrhea? Fine by me. You want to name the same song Explosive Diarrhea twice? Fine by me too.

I stopped trying to make sense of these kinds of things a long time ago.

hutch said...

we made 9 songs. it seems like someone split explosive diarrhea into 2. i have a link to the album. i also have most of our unreleased recordings if anyone is interested. currently dave is playing with battles, i have been plying on and off with dale and paul has a part-time musical project called "prantz Fantast. it can be found here

lynx album:

g.r.m. said...

Hutch-- I would be really interested in some kind of copy of the unreleased material, just playing back through the 'mrslynx' myspace page now. great stuff. hopefully you'll see this comment. shame if no-one else notices this generous linkage. cheers. g.

g.r.m. said...

with any luck a link to my g-mail will be attached... g.

shaun/tenzenmen said...

i'd be keen to hear too

Anonymous said...

Hutch -- thanks for the link to the whole album! I am currently downloading the tracks and can't wait to hear the rest of them (I've only heard a couple of songs). I appreciate the generosity.

Anonymous said...

Dave from Neutrino recently unearthed LYNX t-SHIRTS!!!
email him at: for price/availability!

Anonymous said...

Hutch - MANY THANKS for the link! I have been looking for this for years. Very generous of you to allow us to download. Very cool. As others have commented, I'm almost embarrassed how excited I am right now. Good stuff and inspiring. Good luck to you. Sincerely, a fan 10 years too late.

Anonymous said...

Heck yes. Lynx were kings of the downstairs at the middle east back when. Their shows with don cab were legendary!

steve said...

I know this is a long shot seeing as how your post is 4 years old now, but I'd love to hear the unreleased tracks or anything else you might have lying around. I saw you guys play at Speak In Tounges in Cleveland and have been a fan ever since