Monday, November 17, 2008


Not to get off-topic, but Summer is the most wretched of the seasons; an egregiously long string of unnecessarily hot days defined by excess, idleness, and reckless hedonism. A time in which everything of importance seems to dilute - 0ur convictions, our focus, our passions. It takes a disparate and cruel drop in temperature to remind us that our primary function is still simply to survive in an unforgiving planet. And that some things need to be explored before we're gone. Back to work.
By virtue of a welcome but inexplicable surge in email requests here are some re-ups:

The Music Improvisation Company
Instant Composers Pool 006
Guitar Solos 2
The Made-Ups


matthew said...

could you re-upload ICP 007 (and 008 if you have it)? That is a rare one.

Louis Howe said...

um, yeah, see when I typed in 007, I meant to type 006. Sorry about all that. if you still want 006 I'll have that re-upped in an hour or so. Again, my apologies.