Saturday, July 11, 2009



7" (1996)


Munich, Germany

These homies are german homies, and they released a full length in 1997, Etwas Benutzen, which I always found awesomely minimalist, before modernizing their sound and thereby diluting their attractiveness substantially. I haven't met a lot of people who feel the same way, but what I usually do is give them the crazy eyes, drag my finger across my throat, and then mouth the words, "I am gonna slit your throat with my index finger" and then they usually change their minds and agree with me.

This 7" was the harbinger to that LP, and it is pretty rad. Checkity check check it:

Buyity buy buy it.


Anonymous said...

Another great post that helps me complete my collection.

Gotta disagree with you about Etwas vs. some of the later stuff (Profane, Fantasy), even though you gonna slit my throat. But hey, I'll cut you some slack as you're posting great sh*t.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Thank you for excellent music!

Please re-upload Cline/Shoup/Campbell "Suite: Bittersweet". Link is dead :(

Anonymous said...

Loving your work here Louis. Keep it up. I only own Profane from these guys and always found it to be pleasant enough but a bit dull. Would like to hear Etwas if you ever feel like posting it.

Indiestereophile said...

Hey! this is the first time i am reading your blog. Its amazing and keep up the good work. Lot of amazing obscure stuff that you have tried to revive.