Saturday, July 11, 2009



Arab on Radar 'Split' (2000)

Wantage (USA)

This is another vinyl rip of mine.


Anonymous said...

Oxes f'in roxes!!

I didn't have this (just the 2 full lengths). Much appreciated. Great blog!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Can't wait to give it a listen.

Joseph said...

It's important to note that this ISN'T Arab on Radar. Oxes used to use Arab on Radar's name to get shows, and then when they arrived at the concert they would say "Arab on Radar" had to cancel, and play the shows.

This "SPLIT EP" actually used to have a sticker stuck to it that says "100% Oxes" which was their disclaimer. The "Arab on Radar song on this is Oxes impersonating Arab on Radar :)

Jas said...

Wasn't this ep solely oxes and they just said it was a split? I think there was some controversy over that for a second.

Danger, say what? Evs said...

Yeah, the record did ruffle some feathers with a few people for sure.