Monday, July 23, 2007

37500 Yens

37500 Yens
Astero (2007)
Reims, France
Still not entirely sure what I'm doing with this site, I began to think about what records I've been impressed with this year. A lot of what I've been drudging up recently is pretty dated. As far as 2007 goes, I'd be tempted to say there hasn't been a whole lot happening to my knowledge if it were not for this one outfit from across the Atlantic, 37500 Yens. France seems to be the burgeoning hotbed for interesting guitar and drums music as of late: Chevreuil, Cheval de Frise, Passe Montagne, Room 204, and Grumpf Quartet (for which I cannot find a label or a record if you can help), to name a few.
Astero, amongst all this greatness still, leads the pack. It is hyper-aggressive guitar and drums two piece, that puts most duos to shame. There are loop pedals I'm sure, but the dynamics here are an outstanding achievement for just two musicians. The range and depth of mood which this band is capable of is astounding. Sullen, then chaotic. Fierce, then droning. The tone, the recording, just the right amount of effects, Saxaphone, everything about this record is flawless.
Canard Boiteaux
Interieur 1
Interieur 2
The Sullivan's Quartet
I'm just gonna link you to their MP3's for now.


Jidé said...

Grumpf quartet don't have any label. The first record "l'appel de la forĂȘt ep" is a diy record. There is a few ones in some distros in france. I can send you a copy if you want. They are actually mixing their new ep, which will be available in a few weeks.

Louis Howe said...

Somehow my email notifications have been turned off and I missed your comment. If you're still there then I absolutely would love any information on Grumpf Quartet!!